Recording – Dying to LIVE – A Crash Course in Living Purposefully



With Sarah Bamford Seidelmann MD, Woman of Medicine, Shamanic, Mentor, Author – Duluth, MN  


In this Playgroup you will:

  • have the opportunity to acquaint yourself, first hand, with the processes that are available to you immediately after death (beyond the veil) so that you can gain knowledge and receive gifts.

  • experience a small taste of one of the powerful processes that happens to each of us near or at the time of our death and apply its medicine to your life now so that you can live lighter and brighter lives.

  • have a small sample of what death has to teach you, personally, about how to live your life with greater purpose.

“An everyday shaman who is so much more than ordinary. Sara and her work are truly extraordinary. I’ve been so honored to teach with her, and also get to know her, over the past few years, and I use her books and insights for my own decision making. Given that she is an actual medical doctor–and yes, a mom and shaman–she can help you apply all higher wisdoms and spirit guidance to your real life.” – Cyndi Dale