Recording – Opening your Akashic Records – Uncovering Past Imprints that Hold you Back



With Terri Ann Heiman, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer, Author, and Podcaster
Birmingham, AL


This Playgroup is open for everyone to be guided to explore their own records. Some knowledge of your intuitive abilities will be helpful but is not required. Participants will be guided through breath and meditation to connect with their Akashic Guardians and Healing Guides. There will be ample time for questions, discussion, and sharing. We’ll explore:

· What the Akashic Records are

· What imprints are and how they hold you back

· The keys to open your Akashic Records

· Early incarnation

· Past life energies

· Old spiritual contracts

· Techniques to create new spiritual contracts from what you uncover.