Recording – Becoming (even) More Alive: Using Creativity to Explore (The Enchanting) YOU!



With Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, MD, Woman of Medicine, Shamanic Mentor, Author – Duluth, MN


Using Creativity To Explore (the Enchanting) You! In this class you will have the chance to:

1. Meet, directly, the spirit of your creativity, a powerful force that’s here to help you.

2. To experience the enchanting experience of creating several surprising little works of art using the unique sources you love.

3. To explore (with the help of the spirit of your creativity) and get to know yourself more deeply.


Bring paper and a pencil/pen.

Pre cut or rip one or more pieces of paper (lined or unlined) so you have a total of 27 pieces.

You may also want to bring a colored pencils and/or markers – this is optional.