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Carolyn Vinup
Amelia Vogler
Kumu Ramsay Taum

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We are a group of complementary alternative medicine practitioners/energy healers who meet monthly to learn, explore techniques, and share experiences. We are committed to community, committed to our speakers, and we appreciate all that you bring to the group. Please join us when you

List of Speakers

Terri Ann Heiman

Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer, Author, and Podcaster

Lauri Ann Lumby

Author, Mentor, Educator & Mystic

Tina Conroy

Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, and Podcaster

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, MD

Woman of Medicine, Shamanic Mentor, Author

Stacey Shapiro

LCSW, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Life Coach, Therapist, Energy Healer, Workshop Developer & Facilitator, and Speaker

Hanakia Ek-Way Zedek

Speaker, Teacher, Author, Shaman, Mystic, Poet, Warrior-Sage, and Minister

Lena Swanson

Professional Animal Communicator, Shamanic Healer, Past Life Regression Facilitator, and Teacher

Amelia Vogler

HTCP, Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist

Cyndi Dale

Author, Intuitive, Healer

Bonnie Thompson

Healer, Instructor

Jill Goux

The Energy Renovator

Claire Marie Kohout

Intuitive, Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide

Carolyn Vinup

Sound Healing Professional, Sacred Sound Frequency Keeper, Creating Sacred Space Feng Shui Consultant, Mindfulness Facilitator, After Death Communicator, Global Peace Keeper

Arden Wilken

Musician, Composer, Sound Therapist , Body Worker

Ofer Niv

Spiritual Healing Accelerator

Kumu Ramsay Taum

Life Enhance Institute of the Pacific, Community Lei Maker and Revealer

Susan Weis-Bohlen

Sound Healing Professional, Sacred Sound Frequency Keeper, Creating Sacred Space Feng Shui Consultant, Mindfulness Facilitator, After Death Communicator, Global Peace Keeper

Shelley Germundson

MA, Certified HTSMP, Spiritual Director, Speaker, Healer, Intuitive Eden Prairie, MN


Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

“An everyday shaman who is so much more than ordinary. Sara and her work are truly extraordinary. I’ve been so honored to teach with her, and also get to know her, over the past few years, and I use her books and insights for my own decision making. Given that she is an actual medical doctor–and yes, a mom and shaman–she can help you apply all higher wisdoms and spirit guidance to your real life.”
– Cyndi Dale
Author, Intuitive, Healer

Stacey Shapiro, LCSW

“Stacey hit it out of the park! Her presentation was comprehensive, easily digestible, and easy to follow. She was clear and pleasant to listen to also. She has a great sense of humor with a caring and earnest demeanor. As a teacher and presenter myself I am not easily impressed, Stacey really impressed me in how she as a teacher and artist was curated, as in, the very light a presenter is presented in. Bravo Advanced Healer Playgroup!”
-Hanakia Zedek
Author and Shaman

Hanakia Zedek

“Hanakia is one of my favorite people in the entire world.
He is laughter and space, humane and sacrilegious. He can be found everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
He is a huge f-ing swear word and that person who will stop his busyness to wipe away a child’s tears.
In interacting with Hanakia tonight, I can tell you what to expect. This will make him laugh: Expect Nothing! As in the Nothingness. Hanakia knows and models the need to remove all falsities and lies, including your personal history, to embrace and become your personal power. When torn down, we can build back up.
Hanakia also presents as poet, artist, and shaman—musician, coach, and teacher. Have a great night. He is going to take you on a tour of the universe so you can potentially uncover the universe that you are.”
-Cyndi Dale
Author, Intuitive, Healer