We are a group of complementary alternative medicine practitioners/energy healers who meet monthly to learn, explore techniques, and share experiences. We are committed to community, committed to our speakers, and we appreciate all that you bring to the group. Please join us when you can.



Claire Nelligan is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Qualified Mentor and “Instructor in Training.” She is on the Healing Touch Certification Board, is a Clinically Certified Aromatherapist, a Global Career Development Facilitator (she writes a mean resume), a Certified Personal and Life Coach, and a professional business writer. As an intuitive, Claire has studied many healing modalities and is passionate about the healing arts. She loves mentoring, developing and teaching healing/intuitive workshops, and co-hosting “Advanced Healers Playgroup.” Claire delights in working with individuals in transition – as they create their lives and step into their authentic selves. For joy, she cooks, gardens, paints, and sings off-key opera accompanied by her vacuum cleaner.

She would be honored to support you and share in your journey. Expect miracles.


Both trained as 200 CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher)

East meets West.

Steve tends to think in ways that have been more rewarded in western culture. He is a productive and task oriented problem solver. In order to grow and expand from this strong foundation, Steve is a student of eastern spiritual and healing traditions such as yoga, qigong and shiatsu. Steve is a creative cook. He and Deanne owned and operated two previous restaurants.

Deanne (Dee) is more relaxed and intuitive. Yet, she wants to know the science and the insights western research and medicine have to offer about personal development. She is a integral coach and a SomaYoga instructor. Together they operate a bakery called Cottagescapes Bakery in Des Moines, Iowa.