Recording – Exploring Mediumship: Connecting with the Afterlife




This Playgroup is open to everyone who wants to explore and develop aspects of Mediumship. Some understanding of your intuitive abilities will be helpful but is not required. Participants are invited to come with an open heart and mind and be willing to connect with Spirit and the afterlife. In this playgroup we will learn:

· About Mediumship. What is it?

· The history of Mediumship and Spiritualism.

· The difference between a Psychic and a Medium.

· About the different types of Mediumship.

· Terminology used by mediums.

· What “Frame of References” means and how you can create yours.

Tina will demonstrate Mediumship and take us through a “Sitting in the Power” exercise and meditation, allowing each participant to sit in that place of connection, as well as helping participants to create their frame of reference in communicating with the afterlife.

Please bring paper and a pen.

Thank you for joining us virtually!