Recording – Advancing Human Evolution: Embracing the Feminine Roles of Awakener, Light Bearer, and Guardian at the Threshold



This is a three class series:

These classes explore the archetypal roles of the feminine of Awakener, Light-Bearer, and Guardian at the Threshold, in the transformation of human consciousness and in the advancement of humanity’s evolution toward wholeness. In this series we:

· Reclaim the Feminine as transcending gender constructs.

· Revision oppressive mythologies.

· Harness the power of the Feminine within all of humanity.

· Understand and discerning our personal calling of: Awakener, Light-Bearer, and Guardian at the Threshold.

· Activate our role in the advancement of human evolution.

These archetypes of Awakener, Light-Bearer, and Guardian at the Threshold will be explored through the often-maligned biblical characters of Eve, Lilith, and the Guadians at the Threshold, further revealing the patriarchal tendency to denigrate those who are called to be a part of transmuting the darkness of the world to reveal the light. Systems and institutions basing their power in fear, cannot stand in the presence of those charged with bringing forth the light of truth. Here you will be empowered to be that light! Included are inspirational readings, a lesson on the designated topic, mindfulness/creativity practices, sharing and discussion.

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