Recording – Learn to Sound Beam – Bridging the Gap through Space & Time with Sound



Sending the Movement that Sound Creates to Anyone, Anywhere in the World, to Promote Well-Being and Relaxation 

With Arden Wilken, American musician, composer, sound therapist, and body worker 

School for Inner Sound – Seattle, WA 

Sound Beam – A Distance Therapy Sound Technique:

Created by Arden Wilken, Co-Founder of INNER SOUND (est. 1978),  this distance Sound Therapy technique was created in response to the truth that many sound tools – tuning forks, singing bowls, etc-  do not ‘travel’ well over the phone or via video. When live sessions are not possible, Sound Beam allows us to enjoy the healing benefits of sound by sending the movement of sound to others, anywhere around the globe.

Benefits of Learning to Sound Beam:
1.      No matter where you or your client or loved ones are, you can all benefit from this technique.
2.     You can use any sound source – your own voice, therapeutic music, tuning forks, crystal & singing bowls, drums, rattles, any musical instrument!
3.     This technique works over the phone, via video, or – with the person’s permission – can be done at any time convenient for you whether the person is conscious of it or not.

 Learning Objectives:

1.      To safely create a mental/energetic connection between yourself and the person with whom you wish to use Sound Beam.

2.      To create your own sound in anatomically neutral posture to amplify the effect of Sound Beam.

3.       Demonstrate the specific Sound Beam protocols used in a session.

4.       To safely disconnect from the distant person at the end of a Sound Beam session.

5.       To use Sound Beam in a live, in-person session – with sound or not – to enhance the effect of whatever technique you are using.

Immediately upon purchasing this class, you will see a confirmation page that contains an attachment. You can download this attachment to access the information with the YouTube link to the class and related handouts. Thank you for joining us virtually.