Lauri Ann Lumby

Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS, was first awakened to the Magdalene in 1978 while listening to the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack. Here she came to understand two profound truths – Jesus was a real human being who struggled with fears, doubts, self-righteousness, and anger; and that Mary Magdalene played a central role in his ministry. Since that time, Lauri has been a devoted student of the Magdalene and advocate for redeeming her name – restoring her from “sinful woman” to teacher, healer, priest, and the embodiment of Love.

Lauri is the author of ten books including Song of the Beloved – the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene, and Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy. She is also the founder of the Temple of the Magdalene, the spiritual director of the Order of the Magdalene and the creator and facilitator of over thirty courses and training programs including the Magdalene Priesthood Training. Learn more about Lauri at


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