Recording – The Power of Meaninglessness: Pathway to Freedom with Hanakia Ek-Way Zedek



About this event

As humans we have assigned meaning to everything, mostly due to our self-importance. When we realize that not a thing in our world has meaning, we are invariably free. It is the things that we hold onto that keep us in captivity. Believe it or not, belief is the major problem. Just because you believe something doesn’t mean that it’s true. Conversely just because everyone says something is real doesn’t mean that it is real. Choose what you want, create what you want, be who you want! It all exists within our land of make believe. · Letting go of all that holds you down and back · Defy being tricked or fooled · Integrating the “Blank Slate” · Letting go of restrictive beliefs “Do you want to really see? Join me in this recording to learn how to use Meaninglessness as Power!” HZ