Upcoming November 7th, 2023 – Shape Shifting



with Hanakia Ek-Way Zedek, 

Speaker, Teacher, Author, Shaman, Mystic, Poet, Warrior-Sage, and Minister – Minneapolis, MN 

Date: Tuesday,  Nonvember  7th, 2023

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Central Time  

(Please join us between 6:15 and 6:25 p.m.) 

Location: Zoom 

Cost: $40  (purchase includes a recording, delivered  via email within 3 days of the event)

If you prefer to purchase the entire series and save $5 per session,

“The Art of Seeing” is a 4 week series that will reveal and allow us to utilize our innate abilities to See/Perceive beyond our 5 senses into the depth of experiential awareness.

You are purchasing …

November 7th – Week 4 – you will learn the preliminaries of Shape Shifting such as being able to enter other animals and See/Perceive/Experience, Through Their Eyes.

Deepest Connection
You will learn the preliminaries of Shape Shifting: Learn how to become the animal and See/ Perceive/Experience, Through Their Eyes. This can be an animal that you have a personal relationship with or the collective spirit of your Spirit Animal that you have an affinity with.

Questions: ahpg@yahoo.com or Dee (507) 276-5453