Recording – Embracing the Feminine Role of – Eve the Awakener



We are all familiar with the biblical story of Adam and Eve. By some interpretations of this story, it was through Eve and her act of disobedience that evil entered our world. What if Eve’s actions were not disobedience at all, but were instead part of the planned awakening of humanity, becoming a metaphor for the ongoing evolutions of human consciousness?

In this master-course we will:

· Discover the true origins of the Adam and Eve story.

· Explore the primordial symbolism of the key elements of the story.

· Restore Eve to her rightful role as Mother of All the Living.

· Embrace our personal call to be Awakener.

· Accept our own invitation to “be like gods.”

This recording  includes an inspirational reading, a lesson on the Eve the Awakener, mindfulness/creativity practices, sharing and discussion.

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