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Embracing the Feminine Role of – Lilith the Light Bringer

February 23, 2023 @ 6:30 pm 8:30 pm CST

with Lauri Ann Lumby, Author, Mentor, Educator, and Mystic. Part 2 of Advancing Human Evolution Series

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About this Class: Lilith has struck curiosity and terror in the hearts of humanity since the 3rd millennium BCE. She has been called She-demon, Bride of Satan, Mother of Demons, Vampire and Succubus. With her brood of Nephilim, Lilith was said to haunt the night in search of humans to tempt and children to devour. As rebellious first wife of the mythological Adam, Lilith has more recently been embraced as a role model for women’s rights to sovereignty. But who was Lilith really? In this master-course we will: · Discover the ancient pre-patriarchal origins of the Lilith myth. · Uncover patriarchal culture’s history of demonizing empowered women.

· Challenge the Christian appropriation of Hebrew “demons.”

· Restore Lilith’s rightful title of Light-Bringer.

· Embrace the call of the Light Bringer in ourselves.