Lena Swanson

Lena is a professional animal communicator, healer and teacher. She’s passionate about sharing her 20 years of experience with as many people and animals as possible through her teaching, coaching, mentoring and one-on-one sessions.  Lena’s extensive background in holistic and spiritual healing allows her to offer clients a broad and deep perspective. She is loved for her empathy and authentic, down-to-earth approach. Her practice is client-oriented putting her dedication to service at the forefront of every interaction. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom and imparts this from the heart with clarity in all of her work.

Lena taught English as a Second Language in the Saint Paul Public Schools for 22 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Second Languages and Cultures. With her extensive experience as an educator she has developed animal communication and shamanic courses that allow for a high level of success in her students. 

For more about Lena please see:

Website: https://lenaswanson.com/