Hanakia Zedek

“Hanakia is one of my favorite people in the entire world…”

“He is laughter and space, humane and sacrilegious. He can be found everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
He is a huge f-ing swear word and that person who will stop his busyness to wipe away a child’s tears.
In interacting with Hanakia tonight, I can tell you what to expect. This will make him laugh: Expect Nothing! As in the Nothingness. Hanakia knows and models the need to remove all falsities and lies, including your personal history, to embrace and become your personal power. When torn down, we can build back up.
Hanakia also presents as poet, artist, and shaman—musician, coach, and teacher. Have a great night. He is going to take you on a tour of the universe so you can potentially uncover the universe that you are.”
– Cyndi Dale
Author, Intuitive, Healer

Hanakia gives people the opportunity to let go of all that holds them down and back; showing them that they have inherent knowledge, wisdom, and power that can be applied in daily life and that this leads to fulfillment. Hanakia has been teaching professionally since 1980. He is an international speaker who has offered countless lectures, classes, seminars, retreats, events, and more at Normandale Community College, Anoka Ramsey, HPSS Global, the IIIHS Conference in Montreal, The Shivananda Institute in the mountains of Quebec, and as a Minister and Teacher at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in Minneapolis, MN.

Hanakia offers a way of being beyond the agencies of social control; leading you back to you, with the opportunity to choose/create a life that suits YOU. “Your name, your culture, your race, your gender, your beliefs, your society, your nationality, your family and all the particularities thereof are/were made up and decided upon in times of archaic misunderstanding and confusion. Times up … You’re up! You have an amazing life awaiting you.

During the most recent of his three near-death/death experiences, Hanakia merged with and became Death, to see Through its Eyes, teaching him to embrace life and death and to experience eternity.

He is the creator of The Philosophy Of Nothing and has an elaborate Destination Website where he offers poetic teachings in Mysticism, Warriorship, Paradigm Shifting, Wizardry, Seeing, Nothingness, Tao~Zen, Quantum Mechanics, Shamanism, Sorcery, Moving Beyond Belief: (Audio Files), Crackin’ The Code: (Daily Things To Look At.) and a 120 Audio Card Oracle: (A Sublimation System) that goes deeper that Tarot or Divination. His book, “Tao~Zen Verses,” is available through Whistling Shade Press.

Hanakia is available for individual consultations through his Website.

For more about Hanakia, please see:

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