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The Art of Stalking/Tracking All Levels of Reality: The Power of Excavation

April 25, 2023 @ 6:30 pm 8:30 pm CDT

Next Level Learning and Liveing with Hanakia Ek-Way Zedek

About this event

Don’t be misguided by your old perception of the word “stalking”!

Stalking is the Art of tracking, discovery, and uncovering: understanding what is happening and why. A person of power uses their inherent and primal nature to see things as they are and achieve despite the world and its makeup. The world and reality can be made to work for you! If you want to move out of feeling like a victim or powerless, if you want to get at and get rid of all that is holding you down and back, join us on Tuesday April 25th for this life-changing interactive experience!

· Reworking points of origin

· Accepting only what is edifying

· What/Who is working for or against you

· Making reality work for you

More about Hanakia:

Hanakia shows us that we have inherent knowledge, wisdom, and power that can be applied in daily life and that this leads to fulfillment. Hanakia has been teaching professionally since 1980. He is an international speaker who has offered countless lectures, classes, seminars, retreats, events, and more! He is the creator of The Philosophy Of Nothing and has an elaborate Destination Website where he offers poetic teachings in Mysticism, Warriorship, Paradigm Shifting, Wizardry, Seeing, Nothingness, Tao~Zen, Quantum Mechanics, Shamanism, Sorcery, Moving Beyond Belief: (Audio Files), Crackin’ The Code: (Daily Things To Look At.) and a 120 Audio Card Oracle: (A Sublimation System) that goes deeper that Tarot or Divination. His book, “Tao~Zen Verses,” is available through Whistling Shade Press. Please join us! Hanakia is available for individual consultations through his Website. For more about Hanakia, please see: https://hanakiazedek.org/ This Playgroup may be rated PG-13 for Strong Language.