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The Art of Impeccability: Ability Access and Application

February 28, 2023 @ 6:30 pm 8:30 pm CST


Some of us are trained to attain perfection but in whose eyes and is it even possible to attain across the board where everyone sees it? Or is it simply unattainable? Impeccability is the Art of Mastering YOU and all that you do in the way that YOU choose. It is far more effective AND powerful than perfection because when you are done, no one can question what you have done because it is by design. YOUR design. Unless we have studied and applied some discipline and/or art and integrated and applied it to all of our lives, we are simply not well trained as humans to master who we really are! Have you mastered the design of your life? · How to Always Clear the Target · Be SO Bold · Corner the Market · You ARE the ONE “Have you taken the time to pass a sharp blade through your entire life to cut away all that is unnecessary? Join us to learn how to MASTER YOU and YOUR CHOICES in all that you do. BE IMPECCABILITY!” HZ