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Reestablishing Vibrational Coherence:

April 13, 2023 @ 6:30 pm 9:00 pm CDT

Balancing and Harmonizing Your Unique Blueprint with Claire Marie Kohout

As we individuate into energetic matter on Earth, we bring with us a plan, a blueprint of how we show up spiritually and physically. This Etheric Blueprint extends out of our Hara line carrying with it incredible amounts of information for us to access. We grow into whom we are and whom we are to become in alignment with this unique, energetic blueprint. When the vibration of these filamental lines within the blueprint is out of tune, so are we! In this playgroup we will learn to rebalance and harmonize our blueprints (and the blueprints of others), reestablishing vibrational coherence and allowing for the release of:

· ancestral lineage patterns

· ineffectual contractual agreements

· past/concurrent life traumas

· physical discomforts

· karma · stuckness that keeps us from choosing the life experience we were born to live.

“Learn how to balance and harmonize your blueprint! Change everything.” CMK

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