Amelia Vogler

Energetic “Personal” Story

I was introduced to the clinical aspects of the energy work through an indirect treatment of debilitating and consistent migraine headaches. When I was first introduced to energy medicine, I was working on a very high-performing team at a Fortune 500 company. I was exhausted, burned out, and filled with an empty feeling. A friend pointed me to a Healing Touch practitioner, whom I began working with bi-weekly. Delighted by the soothing, I consistently sought energy therapy as a way to mitigate my life stress. And, then, a few months into it, I realized that I hadn’t been to the hospital for a migraine. And then half a year passed.

And then a year, and, now, it has been almost 12 years with no migraines. And in addition to being migraine free, I found my first beloved Healing Touch mentor and friend. She was a nurse, who helped me understand the energy aspects of the organs and supported me as I better learned the physical aspects of our physiology and anatomy.

Following my internal compass, I shifted out of a story with Corporate America. I created (or re-created) my story to become one that contains chapters of deep personal Spiritual work. One of the comprehensive studies of anatomy and physiology, energy theory, practice, and finally, to include the opening of my clinical Energy work private practice—The Healing Space.

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